I’m disgusted by the existence – Temmie Ovwasa calls out lesbian refusing to come out of the closet

Female singer and songwriter Temmie Ovwasa has lashed out at lesbians in the country who are hiding in the closet and refusing to reveal their identity.

Temmie Ovwasa who is popularly known as YBNL princess in the past few months has been consistent in showing off her sexual status as a lesbian.

Though this has raised eyebrows from some fans on her timeline, the sexy screen diva has continued her lifestyle.

Temmie Ovwasa in a new post has now called out her lesbian ancestors hiding in the closet and putting up with men.

She noted how disgusted she is when she realizes some are yet to summon courage.

Temmie Ovwasa tweeted:

Everytime someone projects heterosexuality unto me I’m immediately consumed with the disgust of all my lesbian ancestors that hid in the closet and put up with men. I am not just a Lesbian, I am disgusted by the very existence of compulsory heterosexuality, disgusted to the core.


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