All Alan Walker Music Mp3 & Mixtape Download (Discography)

All Alan Walker Music Mp3 Download: Alan Walker Music is a well known international music singer, songwriter, producer, brand influencer and a serial hitmaker/entertainer who lives in Lagos State of Nigeria.

Alan Walker is one of the most successful music singers in the history of the world music, He has been on spotlight for over two decade now and still very relevant in the industry. Alan Walker  has features in many music singles from colleague.

Norwegian DJ Alan Walker has released two studio albums, four extended plays, 31 singles, 20 remixes and 21 music videos.

Alan Walker Albums

  • Different World
  • World of Walker

Alan Walker Extended plays

  • Alan Walker Hits
  • Faded Japan
  • Live Fast (Japan Exclusive)
  • Walker Racing League

Alan Walker Singles.

  • “Fade”
  • “Spectre”
  • “Force”
  • “Faded”
  • “Sing Me to Sleep”
  • “Routine” (with David Whistle)
  • “Alone”
  • “Tired” (featuring Gavin James)
  • “The Spectre”
  • “All Falls Down” (featuring Noah Cyrus and Digital Farm Animals)
  • “Darkside” (featuring Au/Ra and Tomine Harket)
  • “Diamond Heart” (featuring Sophia Somajo)
  • “Different World” (featuring Sofia Carson, K-391 and Corsak)
  • “Are You Lonely” (with Steve Aoki featuring Isák)
  • “On My Way” (featuring Sabrina Carpenter and Farruko)
  • “Live Fast” (with ASAP Rocky)
  • “Play” (with K-391, Tungevaag and Mangoo)
  • “Ghost” (with Au/Ra)
  • “Avem (The Aviation Theme)”
  • “Alone, Pt. II” (with Ava Max)
  • “End of Time” (with K-391 and Ahrix)
  • “Heading Home” (with Ruben)
  • “Time (Alan Walker Remix)” (with Hans Zimmer)
  • “Space Melody (Edward Artemyev)” (with Vize featuring Leony)
  • “Sorry” (featuring Isák)
  • “Fake a Smile” (with Salem Ilese)
  • “Believers” (with Conor Maynard)
  • “Sweet Dreams” (with Imanbek)
  • “Don’t You Hold Me Down” (with Georgia Ku)
  • “Running Out of Roses” (with Jamie Miller)
  • “Paradise” (with K-391 and Boy in Space)
  • “World We Used to Know” (with Winona Oak)
  • “Man on the Moon” (with Benjamin Ingrosso)
  • “Not You” (with Emma Steinbakken)
  • “Headlights” (with Alok featuring Kiddo)
  • “Back to Beautiful” (Sofia Carson featuring Alan Walker)
  • “Ignite” (K-391 featuring Alan Walker, Julie Bergan and Seungri)
  • “Celebrate” (as DJ Walkzz)
  • “Sky” (with Alex Skrindo)
  • “Lost Control” (with Sorana)
  • “Lily” (with K-391 and Emelie Hollow)
  • “Lonely” (with Steve Aoki featuring Isák and Omar Noir)
  • “Unity” (as Alan X Walkers)
  • “Sad Sometimes” (with Corsak featuring Huang Xiaoyun)

The list is vast and to be continue, please come back for more comprehensive information about artists and don’t hesitate to check out all Kanye West music mp3 till date and his popular albums.

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